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Ann Vole

Ann Vole

3 May 1966
I am an artist and an inventor.

As an artist I plan to produce web comics, animated short movies and instructional videos, children's books, and compose movie music and alternative church liturgies (half an hour of music and readings to go with sermon and other music)

As an inventor I plan to build and test my many inventions related to:
* making buildings completely self-sufficient (energy, utilities, waste, food production)
* making these buildings using local materials and the needed technologies easy for amatures to build
* high production green houses, mushroom farming, food-grade algea farming, fruit/nut farming
* raising large numbers of small animals in better ways to give the critters the best life possible
* filming animals, especially action shots of small fast rodents in the dark
* artificial intelligence with an animated web page host as the main project
* alternative xml for making multilingual web pages
* image processing to make simple illustrations from very little data

I don't trust money and the economy! What if money is worth nothing, what if food or energy is in short supply and outrageously priced? My solution: learn how to NOT BUY ANYTHING (including services)! Buy or rent-to-own your house, make your house energy self-sufficient, and grow your own food. My goal is to start a testing facility for the hundreds of inventions in my head to help people to not need to buy anything. Side effects of everybody being self-sufficient?
1) end poverty problems (they no longer need money)
2) save the environment (no one uses fuel anymore, no one buys things in packages)
3) end most wars (they are usually fighting over energy resources or money sources)
4) improve the quality of life (if you don't need much money, you don't need much work and are free to do what you really want to)

You can email me at annvole at-thingy hotmail.com but put the word "vole" anywhere in the subject line (or it is automatically erased)