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Sure both of them called themselves socialists but the key similarity was the concept of experts. Both figured that only experts could direct the financial markets, only experts could assess the heart of the nation, and only experts could direct and build a better future. We are currently sitting in the exact same scenario except the so-called experts are hiding behind a bureaucratic title. The other way to go is to allow individuals to make their own decisions, financial markets to find their own balances, social movements to find their own passion, a better future to be dreamed up and executed by ordinary people. The tools to make this happen are here if we only embrace them and learn how to use their power. One such tool is to be self-sufficient in areas like energy, food, entertainment, income creation. Another tool is crowd funding and social media for advertizing. A powerful new tool is actually a re-imagined old tool; maker spaces and equipment/learning cooperatives. Imagine a better future, build a better future, live a better future...today.

gathering CBL potential events

Connect Festival in first four days of August, vendor application July 31, 2014 $75

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socialist vs anarchist

Rights vs welfare in both humans and animals... I want a little of both but neither to be absolute. PeTA has been caught killing stray dogs when they were contracted to deal with strays in certain cities. The reason is that, according to their view, pets are a form of slavery. Domesticated species, according to most animal rights groups, should not exist and therefore must not be bred. Species that have been wild recently are released into the wild by activists like ALF. It does not matter to them if the released animals die of starvation or wreck havoc on other wildlife animals... The welfare of the animals is not the issue, as long as they are no longer enslaved by humans. Permaculture is a new-ish agricultural ideal of working closer to the natural way things work. Part of this concept is to grow permanent plants such as pasture land then eat the animals raised on that pasture. Permanent plants like fruit trees and perennials like rhubarb and asparagus are also encouraged. The claim is that the animals and the wildlife have an improved quality of life but need to be micro-managed by humans (protection from predators, grazed in new areas daily, mixed species arrangements). The rights of the animals is not a consideration but the welfare of the animals a key consideration. I like the concept of anarchy... Minimal government minimal taxation, minimal laws and controls. This gives the maximum freedom to individuals to do what they wish. The problem with anarchy is it is dangerous. If you cannot make a living for whatever reason, tough luck. If someone wants to cheat you out of everything you own, it was still your fault to trust strangers and the cheat gets away with it. The other side of the spectrum is the socialists. Sure you pay high taxes but you get the security of always being taken care of. You may have restrictive regulations as a business, but you are rarely cheated because nobody can get away with it. You have less freedom to take risks but more freedom to engage in artistic endeavors. How do we maximize both rights and welfare with balances against the downsides? One example is tigers in war zones being tracked with satellites so both humans and tigers are prevented from being killed... The tigers are kind of zoo animals who are regularly tranquilized and provided with kills on occasion and moved to different areas occasionally but they are still provided with freedom of movement as possible. What kind of socio-anarchist system can governments work towards to provide freedom with security, liberty with welfare assistance? I will continue to strive for talking animals both real and fictional... To provide a voice for the animals (with fictional characters) and to supply the best welfare for animals by understanding how they think and their preferences... Even if that welfare includes population control and pest prevention.

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in-wall HRV for individual rooms

I want something similar but fits inside the wall between the joists and contains battery charging systems (and batteries) to be powered by intermittent power sources

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path to a fearless society

What do we, as a society fear? War is nasty but we still engage in war. Hopefully only to prevent war but I suspect big industry like oil may be involved. Terrorism requires weapons of mass destruction but they can still be simple bombs placed in high profile locations (eg Boston marathon). Some nutcase with automatic weapons is also a potential fear. All of these are nothing compared to a country's government turning on its people (even if it is a small part of that citizenship). Again, weapons are needed but they can be economic weapons such as Hitler nationalizing the monetary system or Stalin starving out the farmers who were trying to profit from their labors. The new big fear is artificial intelligence destroying communication or power systems or bringing down transportation systems. 2001: A Space Odyssey is a film (and book) with an artificial intelligence program that controls a space station and uses its newfound self awareness as a justifiable reason to murder a human that planned to reboot the computer system. The heart of all these fears is where many people are controlled by a few in some way. The three ways to deal with this scenario are 1) train ALL people to love and respect others 2) remove ALL opportunities to control people in large numbers 3) provide opportunities for people to opt out of #2 scenarios including education and the legal and financial barriers. #1 and #2 are not going to happen but we can vote, advocate, and model towards such a society. #3 is what I term anarchy. Make ways for people to, on an individual basis, be free from the need of money, food, energy, protection. Part of that is providing assistance in those things for those unable to achieve independence from needing those things. To achieve a society lacking in aggression, achieving a society lacking in needs is the most important step

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Humans are boring

Gloria Pike (formerly Higgenbottom) made one of my favorite webcomics called "Untitled!" containing anthropomorphic animal characters and an interesting story. Gloria greatly improved her (already impressive) artistic skills during the few years making this webcomic. She rewrote and redesigned her comic to have human characters instead. The art is as impressive as ever and includes color on all strips. The story is a bit different and remains intriguing. Something is broken though. This problem is me though because I have the same problem reading any comic starring only humans. It is like someone reading a picture book for kids but not letting you see the pictures.

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Common causes of paresthesia

Common causes of paresthesia, and situations in which it might be found, include:

Anticonvulsant drugs
Autoimmune disorders
Beta-alanine ingestion
Carpal tunnel syndrome
Fabry disease
Fibromyalgia (FMS)
Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS)
Heavy metal poisoning
Herniated disc
Herpes zoster (shingles)
Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar)
Immune deficiency
Lidocaine poisoning
Lomotil (drug)
Lupus erythematosus
Lyme disease
Metabolic disorders
Motor neuron diseases
Multiple sclerosis (MS)
Nerve irritation
Neurological disorders

Nitrous oxide exposure (long term)
Peripheral neuropathy
Radiation poisoning
SSRI withdrawal
Transient ischemic attack (TIA)
Vitamin B12 deficiency
Vitamin B5 deficiency

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1) email/messaging interface for a website contact method.
2) IRC/jabber web bot and mobile interface
3) anthro stick-man animation generator and interface with GL graphics engine
4) interface micro computer for input hardware to be used to send control info for 3D computer characters
5) web comic image generator (uses #3 and text balloon software that exists)
6) initial roving AI design (programming that can move between networked computers within a virtual OS)

note that these are progressively more complex projects so the level of development will vary accordingly

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learning projects for 2014

1) building code course (to be a building inspector)
2) computer programming (see my next post for details)
3) music theory for when I return to university in music/film arts co-degree
4) biochemistry and food science for when I return to university as statistics/biochemistry science co-degree

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