Ann Vole (annvole) wrote,
Ann Vole

"The Gaia Hypothesis proposes that our planet functions as a single organism that maintains conditions necessary for its survival."

I'm not sure if I believe in this Gaia Hypothesis but with that in mind, Human civilization is an illness. Animals that are infected by some microbe often get a fever which is the body's way of making the living conditions for those microbes less desirable. Global warming or ice ages could then be the planet's version of a fever to make human civilization less likely to survive. Our bodies are full of microbes that do not make us sick and some of them are necessary for us to be healthy. The "microbes" on the earth (humans) that are not the problem are likely to survive this "fever" and not cause illness in the future. Can we change ourselves to a beneficial part of "Gaia" instead of a disease? If you are a creationist, there is the possibility that God put humans on the earth like adding beneficial bacteria to your food (humans serve the earth's health instead of that "fundamentalist" view that the earth was made only to serve human's desires)

There is lots of hot air out there and not many solid solutions: Billions are spent to see if we have global warming and see if humans are causing it or if it is natural. AAAHG! Who cares how or why global warming is upon us when we are dying (in the future), instead we need solutions (actually we have lots of them but no one knows much about them). By "solutions", I mean methods for humans to live comfortably through any conditions "mother nature" can throw at us, NOT how to stop global warming because 1)it will take decades for any changes we do make to have an effect 2)these changes are likely "naturally caused" (sun spots, higher volcanic activity, cyclic weather patterns in a "self-regulating process", increased heat output from the earth's core, less micro-comets hitting the earth's atmosphere then before causing cooling, etc) 3)We are rapidly running out of cheap energy so if we are causing it, we doing a lot less damage real soon.

A separate rant:
distributed electricity is very inefficient. less then 40% (some estimates as low as 20%) of the energy made at power facilities actually comes out of your appliances in the desired form. All that energy is lost in transmission lines (heat, radio waves, magnetic inductance heating the air, leaking power), transformers (heat, vibration), inefficient generators and appliances. There is also a good chance that all those power transmission wires, appliances and anything with a computer in it will be destroyed in a solar storms:
Note that such a storm will destroy all those home electric systems too (solar panels, power inverters and regulators, batteries, fluorescent lights and likely other kinds of light bulbs too). I have lots of untested ideas for electricity-free, no-fuel lighting systems, as well as electronics-free and transformer-free 120vAC systems that are more likely to survive. There are lots of proven analog computers that use hydraulics, pneumatics, or optics instead of electronics or use miniature vacuum tubes that can handle high voltage or high magnetic flux without damage. I need to develop homemade control systems systems using these methods so people can continue to have that high efficiency computers can facilitate after (or during an extended) solar storm.
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