binary trinity of freedoms

In the construction industry (and other industries too) you have the saying "fast, cheap, good... you can only pick two" I think there is a similar choice of three conflicting things in the area of freedom. Freedom is not safe but with laws and rights, we gain some safety in trade for some freedom. But put in the model of a binary trinity we can say "freedom, safety, governance... pick two". Of course you should always strive for getting all three at once but too much safety and you lose something, too much rights and governance and you lose something, too much freedom and something's got to give. I want to give my rodents more freedom but of course their cages are for their safety so I am trying to design a governance system to give them limited freedom with the cost of some safety. One of the key selling points of Islamic states is safety but of course you have no freedom and now some people are protesting the loss of safety (re Iran's accidental plane downing) but something has to give... either they lose the governance and get freedom and safety or they keep the governance and lose more of the scant freedom they have gained lately in favor of safety. I am constantly running into governance messing with my freedom but here in Canada, almost all that governance is in place to give me safety.


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