I'm still here

Due to extra levels of pain, I can't use the computer much. I will still be checking things daily though. I think I will not use Facebook until I get my name officially changed then only have that new name as my account on Facebook with no friends and no posts. I will use that account only to post in groups including a group called "The Ann Vole" or something similar. If I am posting as the group itself, nobody will even be made aware of the account name. Due to something I read a long time ago, I want to have 5 unique unconnected names: birth name, friend and family nick name, legal name (what I will change my birth name to), online name, and pen name. Ann Vole will remain my online name and obviously I cannot change my birth name (which is not Ann Vole). Getting family and friends to call me by something other than my birth name might be tricky but should be doable. I still have not found the best way to make a legally-binding pen name. There is not much regulation on movie credits but book royalties and song royalties seem to cause a lot of trouble for pen name users to legally get their money.


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