To yourself be true

Blogging here on LJ was mostly just to entertain myself and to be able to find and read my past mind's thoughts. I don't mind if nobody comments or hearts my posts (but I have noticed such a lack of activity). Facebook was entertainment when I could no longer type. The more friends on Facebook who post lots of stuff, the more fun stuff I could see in the feed. For this reason, I liked all the shares of stuff I posted and I suspect that activity in particular is the "spam" I was booted for. Of course I can't go and un-like all those posts without triggering Facebook's bots from seeing rapid repeat use of a feature. Those old likes may still be seen by some paranoid person if I activate the account again (assuming I have been banned for a week or a month) so that will result in a third strike for the same thing (too many likes of shares... assuming that is what the current ban is about) which is always a permanent ban. The plan, I think, is to add all my other accounts as admins to the groups I have formed and delete my account (if I get back on Facebook). I can always undelete an account in the future if I can figure out how to unlike everything I have liked in the past.


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