The Oddsockeaters

The Oddsockeaters (Czech: Lichožrouti) is a 2016 Czech animated film. It is an adaptation of a novel of the same name. ----Wikipedia

This is a well-made film with the weak points being the English versions of the songs (original songs likely in Czech language). Good films should have a story arc for every character and that is the case here. Each character has character flaws and most characters have some level of character development where they become a better person. Most of the characters are a fictional creature that eats socks and as a result are made of fabric. The CGI is convincing of both their fabric nature and that they are living and breathing. Of course the other characters are humans who supply the socks the creatures live on. Rats show up often but just city wildlife who are mildly dangerous to the oddsockeaters. Lots of twists and lots of threads in play by the climax of the film.


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