Samsung browser

The built in browser on my bluray player can't seem to handle the advertising and the pop-ups on websites. Trying to log in to LJ from the main LJ page just reloads the page every two seconds including closing the pop-up needed to log in. If I go to my own page, it doesn't reload every two seconds but about a second after opening the pop-up to log in, the pop-up closes. Maybe if I can find a stand-alone log in page, it might work. In the old days of not-so-smart smart phones, I had to post in most sites using email (including LJ) but it seems that is no longer allowed... likely due to DoS attacks using email. With Jabber, you could post by sending particular format messages to Frank the goat (I think that's the name of LJ's mascot) but I don't know if that still works nor if I can get jabber working on that same Bluray browser. I hope to figure this out in case my tablet gives up the ghost and it is currently quite painful to use (due to location rather than the machine itself).


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