I still have daily attempts by thieves to get over the extensive barriers to getting into my back yard. Heated hoses with sprinklers attached and aimed across the top of the fence and activated by motion sensitive lights would soak the intruders in this cold winter and should discourage repeat attempts and hopping the fence. I will be mounting chains inside the locked doors so if they cut the lock and push the door open, it will only open enough to reach in and unlock the second lock or try to cut the chain and lock inside the locked space (two garages and a house-attached storage shed). Alarm systems seem to not deter them from going into various buildings in the neighborhood. One guy got a few decades in jail for shooting at the police when they showed up at an alarm situation when the security company response person realized there was someone still in the building. This is half a block from my house and happened last May. Other ideas are an alarm of a realistic-sounding big dog bark and flashing red and blue lights shone along the sides of the house so the thieves think there is a cop car with the lights flashing on the other side of the house. A guy 3 houses down the block had 6 security cameras stolen last week and they needed a ladder to do it.


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