Bluray died

My bluray player just died I think. It only shows a black screen and the TV is confused as to format size (so it guesses and displays what it is displaying at) but is not saying "no signal". When I reboot the bluray, I get the full color initial "Smart TV technology" screen that shows before the system actually boots up but then goes back to the black screen and confused TV (displaying pixel size). Due to the boot screen, I have to assume the cable is fine (along with the TV not saying "no signal"). Due to health problems, I cannot take recyclable items in for the return deposit so I may not have enough to by a new one before the end of the month. I could get a cheap player but I really like the netflix and youtube and internet radio apps I had on this player. Since this is likely a software problem rather than a hardware problem, I will look for a way to reset the system.

EDIT: got home and it is working normal


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