Internet Explorer doesn't work for LJ

I tried using Internet Explorer, one of three browsers available on the public library computers, to post to LJ. Viewing posts worked but trying to post just gave me a completely blank screen for the page results. Looks like I will be using Firefox as at least it mostly works (accepting a word suggestion or spelling correction gives me the suggested word with the already-typed letters included in front). I had a minor throat irritation for 3 months so I got doctor-prescribed antibiotics for it including one that is inhaled. This has sent it into overdrive for irritation so I have taken a lot of pain killers to suppress the urge to cough (and once I start coughing, I can't stop). I took the bus to the library as I don't trust my driving with all this pain killer in my bloodstream. I think I better head home though because the pain killers are starting to wear off and I need more. 


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