Opinions? I've got them

I realized that my diverse Facebook friends would not agree with my political and religious stances so I made everything opinion-free. When blogging, I have no concern with offending anyone... read it if you want or don't read it if you don't agree. I keep hearing propaganda against false assumptions of what people think the ideologies I subscribe to stand for. Because of this, labels are dangerous and misleading because people will think I am connecting with the ideologies that were put down in the propaganda they chose to believe. This will be very freeing but also a bit lonely. Interacting with people on Facebook is so much fun and deals with the inability to meet with people in person (due to my disabilities). Next step is to figure out how to make art that shows house construction details and do that on public library computers. I figure I have to quit using my tablet at home if I want any hope of fixing the screen as the screen is separating from the base a little each day and the cracked parts are getting more strangely angled. This leaves library or trying to use the default browser app in the Samsung bluray player (the keyboard works with the dongle). 


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