Ann Vole (annvole) wrote,
Ann Vole

The power of three and a new business model

A rope of three strands is far stronger then a rope of 2 strands. The key aspect is that failure of one is overpowered by the remaining two. The USA government was intended to work this way utilizing a regional power (senate) an elected power (congress) and an individual of power (president). Each was to have veto power over one of the other two so no one power point could force the other two outside of their wills. The new economic model of the world is a lack of directional power. This is accomplished by people buying, selling, trading, donating, etc in a social way via social media. An example is online shopping eliminating stores and malls. The goods are delivered directly and warehoused on the move. Another example is people making small volumes of specialized items and selling them globally without any businesses involved beyond the delivery company and the online sales website (like Ebay). Making highly technical stuff yourself on your personal 3D printer using plans designed by someone you don't know and tested by a handful of fellow bloggers will eliminate a host of business models but make profit margins reach zero and the businesses that provide such experts looking for a new model to fund things. My proposed model is as follows: a regional power of a cooperative of some form, a franchise for forming and funding such cooperatives (and collecting franchise fees to make it work), and a non-profit steering organization that is formed from representatives of the cooperatives and controls the rules, objectives, vision, and financial scope of the franchise. The first prototype I intend to make with his business model is a franchise to make support groups for crowd funding hopefuls. The next prototype would likely be housing cooperatives.
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