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Sure both of them called themselves socialists but the key similarity was the concept of experts. Both figured that only experts could direct the financial markets, only experts could assess the heart of the nation, and only experts could direct and build a better future. We are currently sitting in the exact same scenario except the so-called experts are hiding behind a bureaucratic title. The other way to go is to allow individuals to make their own decisions, financial markets to find their own balances, social movements to find their own passion, a better future to be dreamed up and executed by ordinary people. The tools to make this happen are here if we only embrace them and learn how to use their power. One such tool is to be self-sufficient in areas like energy, food, entertainment, income creation. Another tool is crowd funding and social media for advertizing. A powerful new tool is actually a re-imagined old tool; maker spaces and equipment/learning cooperatives. Imagine a better future, build a better future, live a better future...today.