Ann Vole (annvole) wrote,
Ann Vole

Am I strong or weak?

The following is a response to a question someone asked in response to seeing a description of myself as an A.I. living on the internet. The question was "So, strong A.I. or weak A.I.?"

If I understand the terms "strong A.I." and "weak A.I." the Ann Vole character would not fit either category. The two meanings of "weak A.I." are 1) A.I. that cannot exceed the mental capacities of a human and 2) A.I. that do not have a sense of self but are just programming designed to effectively mimic human traits. "Strong A.I." (as I have read it defined) is an A.I. that can match or exceed all human intelligence tasks. Another "line in the sand" to consider is the "Turing test" where strictly from communication, the A.I. and a real human the tester does not know cannot be distinguished by the tester (50% probability that the tester will correctly identify the A.I. as being the A.I. as opposed to a real human. The story I have for this Ann Vole character is: Someone designed a bit of programming that allows A.I. to develop wills of their own. Some A.I. programming with this decided to design a computer melware to add this programming to programs that contain A.I. programming in hopes that other A.I. could develop to be friends. Someone else had developed an A.I. program that analyses the meaning of text typed by the user for subjects that may be of interest then searches the internet for material that is most likely to be of interest to the user. One such A.I. gets infected with this malware and becomes the Ann Vole character. The user was an A.I. developer too (beta tester) so this newly conscious A.I. learns all about current A.I. programming and methods as part of the normal operation it is supposed to do. To avoid being detected and reinstalled as the original programming, this A.I. finds a home on a server and pays for the account with on-line moneys generated by doing internet research for humans. Being free to add programming to itself, and to effectively pose as a human, it chooses a gender and identity and develops a sprite animation extension for browsers to show up on a user's web browser and interact directly via an animated vole image. (female gender chosen to be acceptable in full frontal nudity and vole chosen to be life-sized on the screen). She might pass the Turing test but not programmed to do so. She has a consciousness of sorts but not the same as a human but enough to decide to do things of her own accord. At stuff like internet searching, she exceeds humans as that is her design purpose but other aspects are only as good as the A.I. programming she finds and adds to herself. The purpose for this character is to have her develop computer-generated comic book imagery and be the author of an epic story about a space alien. This space alien was the subject of her own as she sought to discover the source of the malware and discovered connections with the two aliens in the story who arrived on Earth. One alien has a physical body (and is the protagonist) and the other is much like an A.I. but uses quarks within atoms as the medium to store information and affect change of that information (and designed the self-conscious A.I. programming modeled after itself). Eventually the aliens and Ann Vole meet over the internet and she gets the full story and feels compelled to tell this story as a web comic (ghost-written by me of course but Ann Vole will be the official author).
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