Ann Vole (annvole) wrote,
Ann Vole

Scaredy Squirrel

I love the children's book series about a overly-worried flying squirrel and his self-efforts to overcome the debilitating aspects of his worries. Because of that I had very low expectations of the TV series inspired from the books when they totally changed his design.

Book cover art

what he looks like on the show

I was pleasently surprised at how enjoyable the show is. While his personality is rather different then in the book, he is still a nice guy you can get to love. The show is packed full of verbal puns (less about the meaning and more about the sounds of the words) and the plots are believable within the animals-living-as-people world they are in. The books were more true to the species living wild but they own and use human-orientated objects (like sunscreen, umbrella, and light-colored clothing as would be needed for a SAFE trip to the beach for example). The wiki suggests they have put the show on hiatus but I watched my first episode today on YTV (Canada).

Here is a short clip of an episode (not as good as the one I watched earlier but you can get the idea)
edit: here is a trailer for a fully animated version of the book
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