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Ann Vole

The Secret of NIMH revisited

I saw a screen-grab from the film "The Secret of NIMH" (1982) and realized how small Mr Ages is. Mrs Brisby looks like a deermouse but in the memory recall scene with Nicodemus, her husband Jonathan appears to have color spots on white indicating a domestic breed of house mouse. I was thinking Mr Ages could be a harvest mouse due to the size and lack of bi-color pattern of Mrs Brisby. He does have a long tail so that rules out being a vole. The book makes it clear that Jonathan's wife was native to this farm in the foothills where as Jonathan and Mr Ages were to have been captured wild but in a city. I will have to read the book again and see if I can find clues to species. There are plenty of fan sites for this movie and it has endured the years as still popular with new viewers and the book has always been well received so I think making new stuff (fiction, games, films) within those frameworks (book or movie) could prove popular (as long as it does not fail to meet any expectations as the sequel failed to do). Gaining rights to do something might be tricky though due to all the different studios holding some claim on aspects of the "franchise" (in quotes because such a franchise does not exist beyond devoted fans). I like this particular page on the film due to a load of cool facts and speculations:

edit: I found a review of the sequel that is highly entertaining but has to be given a huge language warning. I think his reactions at the different parts of the movie matched mine when watching it (with added four letter words). His acting and staging and added clips of other movies makes this review something unique and I am going to have to see other reviews of his some day
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