Ann Vole (annvole) wrote,
Ann Vole

critter update

A few days ago another litter of 4 was born (but none were blue/grey). The baby chinchilla is healthy. So far we have 11+9+7+4 new babies and one more pregnant female. I thought she was just going to have a small number of babies but now I figure she was jst not as far into her pregnancy and is likely going to have a big litter but has maybe a couple weeks more to go. The runt of that one litter (7 of them) now looks like the others in size (cannot tell who was the runt). One of the mothers (I think she was the 7 litter) is the only degu I have with a white spot on her nose. I found 2 babies outside their cage yesterday but I do have ways for them to climb back in and the walk-in closet they are in has been some-what mouse-proofed but when I go in both times this week, wild mice run out the door so they are squeezing in somehow. Hopefully no babies escaped into the room as I could not count them the last time I visited and after I left, I blocked up the door better hoping to keep mice out (would keep stray degus out too and it is unheated)
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