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space thoughts

someone was thinking of space warfare that I found interesting:

so I posted the following responce
I had a series of dreams set in a "furries in space" sort of scenario where Earth animals gained the use of language and became voting members of society and politicians saw them as easy votes. Genetics companies were all-to-willing to provide their young with alterations that would make them more successfull using human technology. Then when space collinization was available, these animal cultures were more interested in having their own planets then humans. In one part of this story that emerged from these dreams, a inter-planetary suicide mission force was sent in to stop some pirate species from supplying ships and weaponry to a predatory species who have been known to kill all life on planets as a way of unsustainably harvesting meat. The pirate species could survive being in space without oxygen for a long time so their attack ships were just heavy projectiles with handles for them to hold on to. Just before impact they would jump off to decelerate their body. The projectile impact would send the ship into unusual rotations and knock everybody off their feet. Without the need for oxygen, they pirates would just rip open the doors to add further panic (and carry the doors inside as shields and to repair the doors later). These pirates and predators are not earth species as the earth species have figured out how to get along before leaving Earth. An idea I had years ago was inspired by bolos used for hunting ostriches made up of three weights on strings. I figure a thin cable attaching two cabins of similar weight could provide gravity. One could be used for fuel, food, waste, robotically farmed food etc so the trips between sections can be minimized. The plane of rotation would likely line up with direction of travel but not necessarily so.
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