Ann Vole (annvole) wrote,
Ann Vole

mascot tails

I was watching some youtubes of fur suit dancers and was generally disapointed with the lack of tail use during dancing. Of course most suit tails just hang there and can only be manipulated by butt shaking or kicking longer tails. I think some sort of cable system could be arranged to give the tail some movement with certain extentions of the legs not normally occuring during walking. This would allow for some tail control while dancing. I saw a few episodes of the newest version of Angelina Ballerena done as CGI. The animators did an excellent job of having the mouse characters move their long tails in artistic movements in keeping with the style of dance involved (and they are at a school of dance so many dance styles are practiced and performed by the characters... not just ballerena moves). I guess it is a bit of tail envy of mine to be so obsessed with getting tail movements right when representing characters with tails.
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