Ann Vole (annvole) wrote,
Ann Vole

Slingshot of solar systems

Looking at videos of viscashas (also spelled vizcashas), someone posted a video suggesting that the "Atacama Giant" is a viscasha. The Atacama Giant is a petroglyph in an area in Chili called the Atacama Desert. Looking for more on this petroglyph, I found out about a proposed radio telescope array for the Atacama Desert to look at (among many things) a giant black hole in our galaxy that is so massive that it sling-shot several stars right out of our galaxy (which can be tracked as they move at high speed away from this black hole). My epic webcomic features a pair of planets formed from one planet that was knocked out of it's solar system. It might be more plausible for the whole solar system to be flying through space after being flung sling-shot style from a black hole. Of course that messes up the concept of the creatures within the planet being traveling in the object that knocked this planet out of it's solar system (creating a liquid planet paired with a radio-active liquid metal planet made of the core of the original planet.
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