Ann Vole (annvole) wrote,
Ann Vole

Holmes's Wind Walk has a bit too much hot air

"Holmes on Homes" show is great to weed out the amatures from the professionals and Mr Holmes gains a lot of my respect for his show. The problem is when it comes to alternate energy stratagies. Basically he says up front that he does not believe most stratagies to be worth the while to take much beyond what current building codes stipulate. I also respect Holmes for efforts to put his money where his mouth is and so to make better communities, he is making one. This community is in the same town as a rather failed technically but successfull sales-wise community of green energy development. This community project by Holmes is called "Wind Walk" and incorporates wind turbines and walkable communities complete with work opportunities and comercial sales within the community. This stratagy is termed "deep green". So far, it sounds great and I aplaud this. The weak point is the buildings. They are working with the local techincal institute (SAIT in Calgary) to build a model green building but the design presented is very low in green innovation. These are going to be rather normal homes in a greener-then-normal community development. I wish I had the time and audience of Holmes to convince him of the value of the many stratagies that lead to low energy use so things like solar panels and wind energy is not needed except for powering lights and electronics. Sure natural gas is a good choice in future fuels but I feel that eliminating the need for any fuel is worth the effort (leave the fuels for vehicle use).

From his website, here is his take on "Superior Building Envelope":
and here is his Wind Walk project proposal:
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