Ann Vole (annvole) wrote,
Ann Vole

summery assignment

Summery assignment for Academic Discourse 100 by me

In a radio broadcast titled "Mysterious Connections that Link US Together", Azar Nafisi, a writer and teacher at the University of Tehran, told how she believes empathy interprets and connects us to others via imagination and rapport. From "Huckleberry Finn", she teaches that Huck chose being damned to hell for letting a runaway slave named Jim go because Jim is both his friend and a fellow human. Like Huck, she rejects self-righteous attitudes and inflexibility. Even though she opposed their ideological stances, two Muslim students defended her when she was expelled from teaching saying "Huck from your lectures is not the only one who can risk going to hell!” Curiosity about the fate of others creates empathy. This shock of recognition transcends political correctness and our vast differences. Through empathy, we become prepared for the kind of hell that Huck chose.
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