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degu vocalization research

I posted recently that I left comments on two blogs of researchers who were studying wild degus in Chile. One place on those blogs mentioned degu vocalizations as being part of the research but radio collars on some degus seemed to be a key activity of the feild reserchers. The following website shows these particular field researchers:
note that the coruru (Spalacopus cyanus) mentioned on that page is a close relative of degus (same family: Octodontidae) but lives much like and looks like a large pocket gopher except that it lives in colonies. Some research students completed their own research as follows
Adrian Chesh - Ectoparasite burdens of social degus
Robbie Burger - The fitness costs of social parasitism in degus
Phebe Quan - Developing microsatellite primers for degus
From the following page, it seems the research was on finding out why some mother degus were not very healthy with suspections that social structure might be involved but it seems like instead it is an old-world flea central to the problem.
Degutopia website includes an interesting research paper on degu vocalisations:
and a webpage that sumerizes:
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