Ann Vole (annvole) wrote,
Ann Vole

critter update

The lemming must have died last week rather then hibernating as hhis body was starting to stink. He was quite old in lemming terms I believe and was quite healthy untill his last 2 weeks and even then seemed active, just not as plump as usual. The degu babies are all healthy and some are nibbling solid food. I checked all the female bellies carefully and am fairly sure only one female has active nipples (and she is healthy with body fat and good muscle tone). The injured gimpy-legged girl has fur growing on her injured spot so is healing very fast. Two of the pregnant degus are wider then they are long... got to have big litters inside like 8-10. I hope the current litter gets to weening age before new babies are born to avoid them stealing milk from the younger ones and thus need to be housed separately. One of the three females born earlier this year is also pregnant but she weighs more then some of the older adults and was always considerably bigger then the other siblings in her litter. One of the males and a different female from her litter have round rings of color change on their backs much like molting lines except in about a half-dozen 5/16 inch or 8 mm diameter very round circles. Inside the circles the fur colors are slightly muted from normal and the ring is made of overlapping black tips of the hair to look like black circles.
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