Ann Vole (annvole) wrote,
Ann Vole

"The Long Emergency"
From this artical

"Wishful notions about rescuing our way of life with "renewables" are also unrealistic. Solar-electric systems and wind turbines face not only the enormous problem of scale but the fact that the components require substantial amounts of energy to manufacture and the probability that they can't be manufactured at all without the underlying support platform of a fossil-fuel economy. We will surely use solar and wind technology to generate some electricity for a period ahead but probably at a very local and small scale."

The only real solution is to learn to live comfortably WITHOUT energy. Passive heating and cooling and especialy annual heat (and "coolth") storage will get rid of the need for half our energy needs.

"Food production is going to be an enormous problem in the Long Emergency. As industrial agriculture fails due to a scarcity of oil- and gas-based inputs, we will certainly have to grow more of our food closer to where we live, and do it on a smaller scale."

Every house can grow lots of food if everyone has a green house and a cold storage space. It has been estimated that more then half of our energy needs are connected to getting food in cooked form on your table (this includes pesticides, fertilizer, planting-harvesting, transportation, food prep, packaging, refrigeration, cooking). Grow your own food, eat more raw foods, stop buying so much stuff (and save all those vehical trips)

The only things left are transportation for work and the production of plastic items: work at home and revive the use of ceramics for most of your item needs. The ceramic industry also needs to go solar and wind powered to make that work.

I am going to test my many ideas to make these changes functional in existing city layout and altered original houses (passive annual heat storage for ALL heating/refrigeration needs, better green house designs, more apropriate and efficiant dietary choices) and alternate kiln designs. There is likely not enough time for some minimum-wage worker with lots of ideas to build, test, produce "how-to" books and videos, and get most of the world to adopt and build these ideas before "The Long Emergency" is on us in full force.
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