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ATWA Nazi PeTA HSUS (4-letter words) and socialist liberationists

Charles Manson became infamous for orchestrating the assassination of various public figures. What seems to be ignored is why they wanted to do those murders. Manson and his group coined the acronym ATWA which stands for Air, Trees, Water, Animals. They sought to bring fear to those who damaged the ATWA and thus can aptly be called eco-terrorists. Looking closer at this I kept seeing ties to the Nazis and swastikas (Charles tattooed a swastika on his forehead for example) and thought that was a strange juncture at first. the wiki on ATWA has a link to "Universal Order" which is supposed to be the new name for the "National Socialist Liberation Front" that the ATWA group had formed. Nazi is just a shortened form of the German word for "National Socialism". The basic idea behind National Socialists is to take the ideals of Socialism but apply them to specific groups of people (the members of a particular nation) to the exclusion of all others (as opposed to communism which seeks to administer socialistic ideas to all people equally). Because it was opposed to both capitalism and communism, it called it's economic system "the third way" or "the third position". I was lead to believe that fascism was the opposite of communism which lead to lots of confusion but now I see that the Russian communists call their political structure "Social fascism" (a derogatory term to communists but meant to point at the struggle to achieve true communism). The struggle between not having any leaders or controls over anyone else (communism) and needing a control structure to oppose capitalism and other forms of one person having control over another is where this tension is formed. Animal rights thinking is that "non-human animals" and "human animals" need to have nobody having control over another. This is that communist socialist ideal that everyone become equals but in this case it includes non-human animals. The problem with that is of course "who is going to force the humans to stop having control over non-humans?". This is where communism breaks and becomes fascism. The Nazis sought to achieve that control through paperwork and rules so the people would be able to follow the socialist ideal of nobody having control over anyone else but just the paperwork and rules controlling things. Stalin and Hitler are examples of how such a paperwork-controlled system can result in some of the greatest crimes against humanity we know of. PeTA and HSUS have stated that their goal is for animals to never be under the control of humans. They like the terms "liberation" and "libertarian" when they are talking one living being to not have control over another living being but they have to add "communism" to that to get those controls over the humans to force them to no longer have control over the animals. This forces them to apply the socialistic ideal of no control over another unequally because we are not going to force wild meat-eating animals to go vegan like we are to the "human animals". This makes it to be a reverse image of National Socialist in that the nation in question ("human animals") is the ones who are excluded and require the fascist controls (mislabeled as communism).

I kept wanting to call my solution to this control dilemma something along the lines of "the third way" but the Nazis and Tony Blair have already used that term for different things. My solution is to have no controls. Of course this can lead to chaos if not done right which is why the term "anarchy" is synonymous with chaos in most people's minds and dictionaries. The only way to make non-chaotic anarchy is for people to have a form of self-control. Religion and fear are two ways of creating self-control in people. I distinctly differentiate religion and fear as pure religion can be free of fear just as pure fear can be free of religion. I was thinking of paperwork, laws and technocracy as possible means to achieve control within anarchy but looking at communism and fascism, I can see that it is a slippery road to Hitler and Stalin. Terrorism is the use of fear to control people so obviously it is one of the first tactics people gravitate to when they see the failure to achieve some form of controls to force socialist ideals on people. People want the freedom they get from not having controls but they also do not want to have the fear used to control them in absence of the controls. This leaves religion as the best way of achieving the freedom of anarchy without the chaos of not having controls and without the fear of terrorism. The USA was founded on anarchy but also on the slogan "In God we trust" and I think the two (anarchy and religion) need each other to work.

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