Ann Vole (annvole) wrote,
Ann Vole

Water purification and babies

Looking back on the two times I was breeding rats, one was far more productive in terms of number and size of the babies and of the mothers after giving birth. Both times I was using un-chlorinated water and almost identical food and cages and location. The only real differences are possibly genetics of the parents (but I have my doubts) and the source of the water. The productive time was when I was using rain water, boiling it then filtering it with a carbon filter. The other time I was buying jugs of purified water or doing the carbon filtering on city tap water. I am wondering if there s a connection with the water source and if so, I should be advocating the elimination of chlorine even if carbon filters are used to remove the chlorine. Rain water also lacks minerals but I provide mineral block salt licks and a wide variety of foods known to be high in trace minerals.

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