Ann Vole (annvole) wrote,
Ann Vole

Green digital drawing tools

I think I can use my cel phone very effectively for making digital drawings once I figure out the file format problem (changing bitmap images into png, gif, or jpg or getting software that saves in one of those formats). The problem is there are so many shortcuts I use with a light table and real paper that are not available in any of the digital art programs I have ever used. I will have to explore the latest version of Photoshop I have to see if there is an equvalent function. Getting such functionality on a cel phone program might not happen unless I write the program myself... maybe I need to anyways if the tools I am looking for are not on Photoshop. I was reading about one person who was using the 3D modeling and animation software Blender on a Windows Mobile device... that would be a cool thing to do on my cel phone ... likely lacking enough memory to run it though. I have also heard of people using chat bots to control high end programs running on a server and they just see the results via a web page... I might be able to do something like that using Blender and GIMP (like photoshop but open source and can be script controlled). The goal of this is to try and save a lot on alternate energy equipment... sine wave invertors (make clean 120 v AC from battery power), batteries and solar cels to run computers - and even laptops - are rather expensive and heavy and environmentally costly (heavy metals, high energy production, non-recyclable parts). Cel phones also have the same problems but there is only one piece of equipment and it is rather small and can be charged with a portable solar cel unit designed specifically for charging cel phones (efficient and small). If I want to live in my school bus eventually, I can use a simple 12 volt cel phone charger and an engine-charged and solar cell charged battery for all my electronic needs (music, internet, art, communications). A big energy draw in modern society are the transformers that are constantly powered for equipment generally used for entertainment, communication and computers; all of those can be replaced with one item that can be charged without AC.

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