Ann Vole (annvole) wrote,
Ann Vole

The truest church

I clicked on a link to the Scientology church website and was impressed with how the site worked. I of course reject a large part of what they believe (and don't believe) but that got me thinking of what church denomination I think is most likely to be the most correct. Baptists claim they are based on the non-Roman Catholic Christians who rejected the papal authority... and maybe even the original church as Peter formed via Christ saying "you are Peter, [Peter means rock] and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of death will not overcome it" (Matt. 16:18). I am not so sure that even if that is the case that the original doctrines remained the same. The Roman Catholics could also be said to be the original church but it was corrupted by mixing politics, money and church to introduce a lot of false doctrines and unbiblical practices. Martin Luther's original goal was to weed out those aspects of the church of his day but being excommunicated and sentenced to death (rescued and living in hiding) put a damper on those plans. I find the modern Baptists and modern Lutherans to be fairly close in doctrine with the huge exception of baptism. Baptists reject infant baptism as it is not in the Bible and Lutherans insist on infant baptism as an ordinance that may be required for the salvation of children should they die early. I am personally on a middle ground thinking on baptism in that I see it as unnecessary for salvation but see no evidence to reject infant baptism or pre-faith baptism. I find the fact that John the Baptist was baptizing long before meeting Jesus and that the crowds did not see this baptism as something strange, I see it as some common practice of Jesus's time to be baptized into some sort of commitment. With that view, I see the act of baptism more as the act of proudly declaring your commitment to being Christian in a public way. Now I am going to look for a denomination that is not so polarized on baptism as the Baptists and Lutherans then look at the other doctrines of that church for their views on other things. This is just a fun exercise to look more closely at the different aspects of faith so I will still consider myself a Lutheran... but will be looking at some aspects of faith a bit more carefully and with an open mind.

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