Ann Vole (annvole) wrote,
Ann Vole

A wild hare and Bambi

A band called "Spastic Ink" made a song called "A Wild Hare" that was actually a "fusion metal" version of parts of the film Bambi including musical versions of the dialog (specifically of Thumper). I think I mentioned before how much I love the film Bambi and have had recordings made of the sound track so I can listen to the movie while doing things like driving long distances so I know the sound track intimately. looks like I am going to have to acquire a copy of "A Wild Hare". There are some youtubes of A Wild Hare set to the sections of Bambi they came from (linked below). Disney made a sequel and did a fine job with that but something was missing... the continuous music that was found in the original Bambi.

and Templeton The Rat in "Charlotte`s Web"

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