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Something I posted in the introduction for a solar energy forum at

I guess I am a bit of a gypsy at heart and always dreamed of living in a vehicle and wondering the world with no need for money or a job. This got me interested in solar and other alternate energy from an early age. The only ones I knew who were totally free of job and able to travel on a whim were animals and rodents fascinated me due to their small size and inventive abilities in spite if an obviously smaller brain and lack of language and limited lifespan (born, grow up, make a home and get it right the first time around in just a few months between spring and winter). Combining these interests, I am working at building a facility to raise rodents for pets and animal actors and powering the facility with alternate energy (if the power goes out, you cannot move a few million animals... the power cannot go out ever). I am working on making a school bus into a mobile home with a heated garage in the back so I can make a bit of money to buy equipment by installing alternate energy systems in remote locations where conventional energy sources are not available or very expensive. With my knowledge and inventions regarding passive solar and less common alternate energy options, I am thinking of making instructional materials on how to do this stuff with local materials using minimal language for use in third world countries. Animals steal the show and are not specifically any race or religion so I am thinking of using animal actors and computer graphic manipulation to make the videos or flash interactive stuff with animals telling you how to do stuff. Who better then a ground squirrel to tell you about underground housing or a beaver to tell you about hydro projects. I am also of the opinion that the most efficient way of doing stuff with alternate energy is to change the form of energy as little as possible so if the end use is heat, start with heat, store that heat and then use that heat. Long term storage of heat or cool is also a key part of my designs. I took post-secondary education on instrumentation which is controls generally for the oil and gas industry. Part of that training taught me a lot about the flow of energy which I applied in some unique ways of delivering heat and cool to a building where the desired temperature is delivered half a day later or half a year later so night cool is delivered in the heat of the day and solar heat is delivered in the dead of night... summer heat is used in the dead of winter and vice versa.

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