Ann Vole (annvole) wrote,
Ann Vole

Graphic tablet pc-cel

I have been thinking of buying a "tablet pc" which is a graphics tablet built into the screen of a laptop computer so you can see the digital art you are making as if you were using real pens, pencils and paints. I lost the "pen" for my graphics tablet so I could not use it which was the starting point for wanting a tablet pc. Today I tried two free software programs for my cel phone (with a touch sensitive screen) to be able to use the cel like a tablet pc. The both worked great but both only had the option of saving the image created as a bitmap (.bmp) file. There is a dos program called bmp2jpg that will convert bitmap files into jpeg but I found out that there is no dos command prompt available for Windows Mobile 5 (WM5 edited from the incorrect "Windows Media") because it is not based on dos like regular windows like XP. I can email these bitmap images but they will not be automatically converted to a web-friendly format (jpg, gif, png) nor posted automatically. I will have to check around if there is a webcomic-friendly blog or image hosting site or software I can put on my own site that can accept bitmap. There are also some WM5 software image programs that you have to pay for... they might have better choices for image formats to save in (but I have had so many programs not work when they say they should for the cel phone and OS... I am not sure I trust buying something with a good chance of not working). I priced out various tablet pc laptops on Ebay and $400 will get me a good one but for now my cel might work.

Ok, so now that I am set on a tablet pc (or a cel phone version of one), suddenly the "pen" for my graphics tablet shows up without looking for it (but I spent hours several times looking for it over the past 8 months, including where I found it). I have to assume God wanted me to be thinking in that direction (tablet pc and doing more on my cel) as it is way beyond circumstance for me to search so hard for months then have it show up where I searched just minutes after getting that functionality on my cel phone.

I have heard that music composers prefer using a tablet pc to write notes the way they normally do on paper because musical notes are not at all like computer keyboard keys (and I want to compose music soon).

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