Ann Vole (annvole) wrote,
Ann Vole

If u want 2 talk the talk, u got 2 pimp the ride

I have been trying to get my alternate energy company going but the education the government now requires and certification fees and contractor insurance has broken me before I could get my first customer. Instead, I will just do the alternate energy stuff for myself and try to make money on the books and videos showing how. There is a real shortage of people with my knowledge but even established heating companies are reluctant to put out the 8000 or so to get one of their own trained and certified as the government in Canada requires (and this is all new... the thousands I spent getting the last governments regulations are completely useless). Consumer protection can go to far so I will go back to "buyer beware" and sell books and videos. Living in a vehicle forces you to go alternate energy which was my original push. Now I still have the bus (and it is currently insured) and I have a little scooter that gets great mileage (about 115 miles to the gallon according to the last owner) so I have more room to work in the bus then my original idea of making the back half to be a heated garage for a small car of some sort.

My problem with living in my place in the country is that there are no jobs out there. Building a giant greenhouse and water systems and other "off grid" stuff would not be easily tolerated in the building in the city (and reduce the potential price for it as I am selling it). The alternative is to live in my bus and put the alternate energy stuff in the country house as I have financial and time resources then live in the bus in the city for work. With all the alternate energy stuff in the bus, I can actually bring my "house" to the people and show them what they can do in their own house. It is a lot more credible that the systems work when you see them before your eyes... and see no wires ... just tires touching the ground.

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