January 10th, 2020

Ann Vole

Malware is kicking me off Facebook

I have always thought my tablet has some sort of data-logging malware but I tried several rootkit detectors and malware detectors and they did not find anything. Facebook has booted me because they say suspicious activity is happening. In trying to recover the account, they gave me the option to choose previous comments but they want me to choose 4 and only three were definitely mine. I went back and chose that option again but this time only 2 were mine. When asking for access codes, Facebook emailed the same code twice so that is very suspicious Later it sent a different code twice. I had to reboot the tablet because the buttons on the track ball (replaces a traditional computer mouse) only worked on some places and not others. This is one of many indicators of malware. The emailed stuff suggests I am also dealing with a spoofed Facebook website too. Obviously LiveJournal is too unused to be of interest to spoof website hackers but as you might guess, I am not going to be on Facebook for a bit longer until I figure out how to clean my tablet of all malware or buy/build a new computer for home use. Hopefully my facebook account is actually locked down by the real Facebook and not going to be used for bad stuff.