January 8th, 2020

Ann Vole

Meerkat vs mongoose

On Lion King 2019 (the "live action" remake), the young Simba and Nala run with a group of banded mongooses at one point in the "Just Can't Wait To Be King" song but the subtitles say that the meerkats are making sounds. I am watching a nature show about banded mongooses and it is very obvious that the Lion King creators were definitely making this species of mongooses for that scene. One way to determine the difference between the several species of meerkats and the very long list of mongoose species is that the iris of the eyes of all mongooses is horizontal the same as most hoofed animals (like goats) but the meerkat irises are always round (like human eyes). The local warthogs in the nature show look exactly like Pumba so they modeled the species after this area of Africa. The hornbill looks exactly like Zazu too.