January 7th, 2020

Ann Vole

Need a new news source

When on Facebook with a friend list that has people from all over the world, I would get hints that something big was happening long before "western" news sources had any articles on the event and often, none of them reported anything at all on the event. The "landing page" for several browsers has an automatically created collection of news articles from various sources and that is my current news source but it is half about Trump and 1/4 about celebrities I don't even know their names. Lately a lot are on the Australia bush fires but a few weeks ago it was all the Amazon... never anything about the similar problems in Africa. Nobody reports earthquakes or tsunamis so I have to seek that information with a search engine. Same goes with the ongoing space race where new stuff is sent into space several times a week from dozens of players. Of course I am mostly interested in animals and animation with animals and there is definitely nothing about that without careful searching and wading through a couple hundred unrelated search results. Absolutely nothing on efficient building techniques with daily detailed searching. less interesting but still more interesting than politics is the furry stuff (people who represent themselves as animals such as comics, suits, videos) which is not found in news media AT ALL. Medical research on aging is interesting but only from the perspective of figuring out how to make my rodents live longer healthier lives... all I can find is BS from diet salespeople. 

Ann Vole

Ukraine plane crash in Iran

"Most passengers on board the Ukraine International Airlines flight died, said Pirhossein Koulivand, head of Iran's Emergency Medical Services."

The Boeing 737-800 with 180 people on board was delayed an hour due to technical difficulties. It was on fire several seconds and eventually exploded a second before hitting ground about eight minutes after takeoff from Tehran, Iran heading to Kyiv, Ukraine.