January 5th, 2020

Ann Vole

Insulation orientation

I found a forum discussion on whether insulation works the same in the normal install method compared to 90 degrees from the surface of the wall. One of the commentators said he worked at or visited an insulation manufacturing facility and that the unit that blows the fibers blows them in all directions and that the apparent surface of the batts is simply the bottom of the uncut batt layer as it is cured in a furnace prior to cutting. I was thinking of gluing a piece of material like tar paper to the batts to attach them to the wall but I might be able to buy batts with paper already glued on like the old "faced" fiberglass batts (but I want to use mineral wool).

Ann Vole

Sweatbox movie writing

I watched a "banned" making-of documentary of the Disney movie "The Emperor's New Groove" called "The Sweatbox". There are a few "bad" words used that are un-edited like the F-bomb and it has the "time code" on the bottom starting at 1 hour, 1 minute, 1 second. The basic premise of the documentary is that each time they showed the prospective movie as an animatic (images that suggest scenes and actions and sometimes limited movement) or rough version of the film to Disney executives, the decision is that the movie needs a major re-write or change in key creative personnel (like music director or animation director or the entire story team). This viewing of the rough version of a film or scene by an executive that did not work on the film at that point is called "the sweatbox viewing" and named after a small screening room that was rather hot all the time where Walt Disney would view these rough movie ideas or scenes when he was the head of all things Disney. I need to figure out how to weed out bad ideas in a movie script before it is even written as an idea and before people go through the process of designing characters who will later be removed from the final film or choosing music styles that will not be appropriate to the final film (they started with Sting as the head song writer... he only added a song to the credit roll in the end but worked 4 years writing for it). I think I have some good sense of what will work and what won't but of course everyone thinks they have that skill and clearly they don't. Of course you want something fresh, unique, and breaks the mold of the films that came before but of course the films that succeeded before are not those things. I can probably use computer technology to determine cultural trends both in story and artistic elements but that still doesn't point out how to go beyond trends without deviating from the direction of those trends. Finally, I have no way to get people with the power to fund a film to watch my animatic.

Ann Vole


I noticed a lot of the people still active on LiveJournal say they are crossposting from Dreamwidth so I looked it up... "Dreamwidth Studios: A blog/journal system for people who create." I am not sure if there is much advantage to adding another little-known blog platform to the mix but it is worth investigating. I am still concerned over the newish Russian ownership change to LiveJournal but not sure I trust other countries any better.