January 3rd, 2020

Ann Vole

Flower-power honeycomb SIPs

"Swedish Platform Framing" is basically the idea of attaching the floors to the inside surface of the walls eliminating most of the thermal bridging in the "header" area. SIPs are "structurally insulated panels". SIPs are usually foam insulation with OSB on each side and very strongly bonded together... but not necessarily. My idea is to make a wall from footer to rafters out of honeycomb shaped units bonded at the points then curving inward between points making a flower shape. The purposes of this curve are to adjust for expansion and contraction due to inside to outside temperature and humidity differences and provide more points to attach furring strips to inside and outside (outside for air gap behind sheathing and inside for a service channel for wiring, plumbing, drywall) and add plywood and metal bracing to hold floor headers up. These flower-shaped inner and outer surfaces can be spaced for rather thick insulation inside and separated by dowels or structural insulation such as pieces of traditional (but thin) SIPs placed sideways. Mineral wool batt insulation can be layered in between inside and out. Windows can be mounted in these hexagonal SIPs.