December 1st, 2019

Ann Vole

Facebook is no longer available

Looks like Facebook has decided to no longer allow people to use their platform without a cellphone number. It says I have abused their platform with spam which doesn't seem correct and all my other accounts on Facebook seem locked down unless I add a cellphone number. I looked at the competition for social media and chose Instagram for a new account and was surprised that their whole platform is designed for cellphone use only... but there are ways to get the Chrome web browser to work like a cellphone to use it. I don't like that concept as it might go the same as Facebook and require a cellphone. Note that there is a long list of reasons I have decided to quit using cellphones so I will only use platforms that do not need a mobile number. Facebook and indeed, all social media platforms, are only a form of entertainment for me so I don't want to go through all the effort to set up a presence with followers and followed only to have the platform suddenly becoming unavailable without options to correct that situation. Due to new forms of pain, I may end up only using the computer strapped into a kneel-style chair. This will mean I will change from cursor use to keyboard use where blogging becomes less painful than the likes and shares buttons on Facebook was. Time to develop my idea of a number-based language for single-hand typing with about 1/5 the key strokes to say the same things