Ann Vole (annvole) wrote,
Ann Vole

Freedom really means freedom to fail

I was watching some soviet propaganda (animated films on DVD). They generally found fault with capitalism in that it allowed people to fail. Communism promises to keep your basic needs covered no matter what and fascism promises to protect you from your stupidity by making the important decisions for you. I am studying the concepts of franchises and they have elements of fascism and communism in them with their forcing everyone to do things the right way and financial ownership by the company to keep you from folding as a company. I like those things if you have an option to go with that or get out. If your country is forcing their guaranteed success in the forms of communism or fascism on to you, you do not have an option in or out so I am against such restrictions in governments. You need to be allowed the possibility of failure to most fully realize freedom. Adam and Eve had a real good thing going with the Garden of Eden but there was no freedom without that tree of good and evil... That was their chance at failure but also their door to freedom of choice to be for or against God. I was reading some debate about Evolution vs Creation and concluded that those in the Evolution camp are usually feeling trapped by scientific evidence forcing them to disbelieve in the supernatural. At the same time many creationists are also trapped with a literal translation of the Bible. Nether side is allowed the option for failure (to believe anything without scientific evidence or to believe anything that might contradict the Bible) where as the people with the freedom to look objectively at both sides of the debate are the ones willing to accept failure (they might be wrong... But that's OK... They might change their stance at any moment too... The are free to change). So in conclusion, freedom really means having the option to fail or be wrong. I look at insurance as a form of freedom in that it allows failure as an option. Some might point to communism as the same thing but I point out that the difference is the insurance is optional.

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