June 18th, 2015

Ann Vole

need a name for a movement

The wildlife and the poor, those who have the least amount of ability to influence their environment, are often the ones most affected by changes in the environment. The rest of the inhabitants of this planet, are the only ones who can do something about it but only if the majority of them understand the cause-and-effect of the environment and those who are affected and make the appropriate changes to their lifestyle and life goals. When I set out to make the world a better place, I looked for the most number of negatively affected intelligent beings and came up with rodents in general and domestic rodents in particular. Now that effort has expanded to all wildlife (especially plants and small animals) that cannot move to new locations easily or quickly. Looking at the issues of anarchy and social justice, I have added poor and oppressed humans to that group of those who are unable to change their location easily. For wildlife, a highway represents a major blockage similar to a wide river but even more lethal. For humans, political boarders are just as impenetrable. Highways and countries are not going away anytime soon but you can see the analogy. If we cannot help wildlife move with large tracts of interconnected "wildlife corridors", we must instead reduce the need to move and thus the causes of weather changes. If we cannot get rid of countries and their anti-immigration policies, we must help them live better lives where they are. Some of that improvement can be accomplished with food, water, and energy independence, some with keeping the weather patterns from changing causing failures of crops, and some from changing the political and religious landscape that gives more freedom of thought and speech and assembly and of course reduces the threat of death and harm by others. I hope to start a local community of people who are on the same page as me on these things but to do so, I need to word this push in a name, a mission statement, and in news sound bites. Any ideas on how to word this movement?