August 22nd, 2012

Ann Vole

who stole my kidney?

I keep on thinking of that animated thing about unicorns going to Candy Mountain ending with the unicorn crying out "they stole my kidneys". My liver was tested to have a high level of Bilirubin so they did an ultrasound check of my liver. The liver looks fine so it might have been damage to the liver in the past that causes the liver to leak bilirubin into the blood for the rest of my life. While being tested, the lady doing the ultrasound kept asking me if i had organs removed like a kidney. Turns out that I only have one kidney. (right side one is missing, left is left) When I was a baby, I had surgery for an extreme swelling of the groin area. I was told it was an undecended testicle. What ever it was, it may have damaged the kidney causing it to "atrophy" or be reabsorbed by the body. Other injuries I have had to the body may have also done the same but I do not remember any incidents that would have done such damage. Same goes with damage to the liver with exception of a skiing accident where my "solar plexus" landed on a small tree stump and knocked the wind out of me for almost a minute. Now I am going to have to study how to maximize the health of the kidney because it is the only one I have. I might have to do some inquiries on what really happened when I was a kid.