May 28th, 2012

Ann Vole

pneumatic-powered replacement for air fans idea

Bellows last a lot longer then rotating devices so a single bellows within a solid space can provide continuous "positive displacement" air pumping. To power these bellows, a hydraulic loop of all these pumps can make them all move in unison. If any do not need to function, the hydraulic lines can be bypassed for that unit because they are all in series. Because we are only needing a rather low force and are using both pressure and vacuum, I will just use air in this "hydraulic" system with low expected loss in pressure difference as long as there are not too many of these air pumps in the loop. To provide power to this "Alternating Current"-style hydraulic system, a system similar to the air pumps will be used but powered by a lever. The lever will be powered by pneumatic bellows from stored pneumatic energy. As more power is needed or less air pressure is available in storage, the bellows acting point on the lever moves away from the fulcrum to use more air to move the bellows further as it needs to move the longer lever arm. Rising pressure in the "AC" bellows will signal a change in direction of the lever but if all the air pumps are in bypass, that pressure will not rise and the lever will not move and no pneumatic energy will be wasted. A very small leak both in and out of each side of the bellows in the AC side of the power unit will allow new pressure to be built up when an air pump goes off of bypass mode to get the power unit to switch directions and start powering that one air pump.
Ann Vole

9 physical societies

As I have joined the board of a "hacker space" group forming here in Regina, I see such a movement for not-for-profit corporate groups to help entrepreneurs and inventors and artists do their ideas without strings attached and without the expense and legal entanglements of forming a company. To this end, I see myself needing 9 such not-for-profit groups for something physical and a few more for purely information needs (for example the public libraries) or social needs (for example a church). This post is to list these 9 physical not-for-profit groups I feel a need for and to mention the others already formed.

- a "hacker" or "maker" space like the "Crash Bang Labs Inc" that I will be a part of: They provide space and equipment to make stuff such as (space:) work benches and large tables or open floor space or meeting space (and equipment:) like Lazar cutters, 3D printers, power tools, or kilns (and information:) Classes, one-on-one instruction, partners with complementary skills, experienced advice, and communication with other members of hacker spaces around the world

- film and media such as "Saskatchewan Filmpool" that provide classes and equipment and promotional opportunities for independent filmmaker projects.

- I wish to form an animator hacker space for inventing and using unique methods of making quick images for any medium but especially animation where they need to make up to 30 images for every second of film time. The space will provide animation stands, vibration-free stages for puppet animation, and possibly a 3D film and video projection room with a 10 or more foot-high screen (30-40 feet wide) to see what the film will look like projected (because animation does not always translate correctly when viewed on the big screen.

- I want to build energy self-sufficient buildings but only to become expert enough to make media on it. Other people find a real lack of opportunity to learn this stuff here in Canada. Building houses has a high potential for profit so doing it hands-on and selling the results can offset the costs. Building vehicle homes (inaccurately called "recreational vehicles") can be included and provide homes and workspace and classroom space for those working on a new building project. This will include unique tools for alternate energy systems and for moving and lifting existing buildings as the foundation is rebuilt or the building is recycled.

- Vehicle and bicycle hackers are a new and emerging group of enthusiasts who need lots of specialized equipment and garage space and need help through the maze of red tape involved with getting their creations licensed and insured.

- Agricultural hackers need to have special temperature, light, and humidity requirements as well as composting and water needs. Greenhouses are expensive to built let alone experiment with designs. Raising animals in association with a greenhouse space also has miles of red tape involved due to bylaws and "health and safety" inspections.

- Filming small animals requires a host of unique equipment as is filming aquatic animals and filming wildlife in the wild. I will use my building in Colfax primarily for this specific need.

- Food production, processing, and packaging is one of those secret industries for a reason... you likely don't want to know what goes on behind closed doors. Designing foods and making the equipment prototypes is a whole lot of angles of need for my animal-related activities and of course with a group of agricultural hackers, making their stuff into salable products and then marketing them is joy for some and hell for others so really it is a different group of people.

- Self-publishing is becoming vogue and also much more possible via the internet. The hold up is still hiring a book producer and as you might expect, these companies do not have much interest in unique book-like products or using special inks or papers. A bookmaker's group with their own equipment and freedom to do some hacking of the process would be cool.

- Computer software for a single computer is no big deal but when you want to design networks and software that interacts with many computers in a network or design operating systems and cloud networks and wireless networks... you need a host of computers in a room with cooling and a good power supply (that will not go dark when the grid fails). Keeping the drug-searching officials from suspecting a grow-op would also be a consideration. I want to design such a unique network and OS for the purpose of housing roving artificial intelligence programs that will eventually be used in my animal raising efforts.

- a puppet and mascot building group. I was involved with a puppets-only group when I lived in Calgary. With the growing movement of furries, groups to share buying power for materials and possible special equipment for creating some extras and sewing machines strong enough and of course space to build would be sweet. Social and performance opportunities for both puppets and mascots also has some preferences on space and stage design.