May 26th, 2012

Ann Vole

Unreliable narrators and Facebook spam

The link below is a review of Cerebus and below that is interesting comment (Eric H.). I think having "unreliable narrators" and biased and opinionated characters is a powerful way to show the truth. Archie Bunker (the old TV show "All in the Family") is one example. I was constantly flipping through older story arcs in Cerebus to compare because I thought past events were different. The differences were attributed to the flawed and biased memories of the characters which added a whole lot of depth to the story. I tried posting this link in Facebook and it not only erased what I wrote but also posted weird junk on my Facebook page and Facebook send a warning that the link was "spamy" so I tried using minyurl with the same results so be warned. It seems fine for me though using Firefox.