May 14th, 2012

Ann Vole

I should not have left

Facebook was so easy to post images in and has quite a network going to add friends and such. I sort-of moved to Facebook because of those things. I recently made about 30 posts one day and one of them had a link in it that I cannot find again other ways so I went back through my Facebook posts... not there. I think I figured out the day it would have been posted and instead of about 30 posts, there are 4. I wasted time and also got ticked off (and my inner peace is very valuable to me) and still cannot find this link that I wanted to share. LiveJournal seems far more dedicated to protecting my freedom of speech and the security of the posts I make here. I am still irritated with the poor way of handling photos on LJ but I can work around that.
Ann Vole

main project focus

I think I need to concentrate on a single story for a while to really develop it into a marketable product. The ultimate goal would be to make a feature animated film script and "pre-vis" but a children's book of the story would also be an OK result. To the goal of developing such a story, I will list here several elements I would like to include in such a story. The first tasks after that would be to come up with a "log line" or catch phrase you see on a movie poster. A 2-3 sentence description that makes you want to know more is the next step. The final step before making the story details (for me) would be to make a fake movie poster for this story as if it was a finished film. These are some of the elements I wish to include:
- an unusual species of animal for the protagonist and the supporting character(s)
- a clear quest that can also be made into a video game
- a location with beautiful landscapes
- 3D seems to be the thing most animated films are going with so there should be plenty of opportunity to show off the 3D
- dancing is important to me so there should be lots of opportunity to show the characters dancing
- Music must continue start-to-finish but it should not be a musical (the characters don't sing the songs. They may sing at some point but only in response to plot rather then be the dialog)
- full plot cycles for every character... they must be the hero in their own eyes.
- no real "bad guy"... some can have cross-purposes but they are only in conflict because of their own good intentions are not possible with the same pathway.
- preferably no humans on screen.
- no direct references to pop culture but an animal version can be acceptable as long as it is plausible that they would find the item entertaining and develop it on their own.
- Holiday theme without mentioning such holidays directly could work well for marketing.
- I like snow.
- internationally recognized names (or at least close enough that the character names can be pointed out in unknown languages)
- A title that gets 0 hits in Google (other then spelling mistakes and technical ones clearly unrelated)