March 30th, 2012

Ann Vole

geeky introduction

For a forum to be used by people who want to create a public space for people to invent stuff and share expensive resources (like a 3D printer), I provided the following introduction:

I have been inventing things since before I could remember (with baby photo proof). I am most interested in the process of thinking and specifically outside of human brains such as in animals, computer programs with AI, and aliens. This non-human thinking could be real or fiction or speculation. This interest has lead me to being fascinated with small animals (mostly rodents) and with animation. I am creating a space where I can record audio professionally, use robotized animation filming equipment (both traditional drawn and physical sets), film small animals, film stuff underwater in a pool with a glass wall, raise and train animal actors and produce the food for those animals (and humans). The location is 40 miles SE of Regina. In the mean time I am working on duel degrees in science and fine arts to facilitate all those inventions to do with making films with animals and animation. This includes making the building energy-self-sufficient (cannot move the animals if the power it cannot fail). A speculative long term goal is to create a system of raising animals that uses vocal commands by the animals as a constant part of their life. The species chosen will be species shown to have a complex verbal language in the wild for telling fellow colony members information about intruders while those listening are hiding deep in holes. Computer AI programs will follow the animals and move between physical computers to use interface devices closest to the animal. Once the computer systems can communicate with the animals and the animals grow up in a culture of communicating with computer interfaces, I can take it a step further and communicate with them over text messaging systems like IRC and use the AI to translate between human languages and those developed in the animals. Then the real research into non-human brains can be conducted by people around the globe with a large set of research participants with the objectivity that not being physically with the animals provides... and everything recorded for public review. In the mean time, animal actors who actually understand language will be much easier to work with in a movie set with expensive actors and production professionals. The animal side of the language connection can also be in the ultrasonic range so they can be instructed without distracting the humans on set. Motion capture to make animation can also be used to have instantly animated aliens and monsters as acted by an animal actor.