March 10th, 2012

Ann Vole

science vs religion

Science defines my religious beliefs and my religious beliefs prove science. To explain that statement I will tell you that I have experienced many miracles that totally break the rules of physics. Because I know the rules of physics enough, I must believe in a supernatural entity that can cause these miracles to happen or else I must doubt everything we know about science. Creation is an easy way out for understanding the universe so I am in favor of looking for a physics-based explanation of matter. Atheists NEED the big bang and a finite beginning of the universe to disprove God. Those that believe in a creator don't care one way or the other because they can always say the big bang was just God's method of creation or without a big bang event can say the universe is just as eternal as God is. The more I know about physics and biology and anatomy, the more convinced I am that those miracles I witnessed are truly the work of a being allowed to break the rules of physics... likely because as a creator of those laws of physics, God can mess with them at will. Is this God some loving being or some cold force? Maybe a bit of both but we cannot understand the thoughts of a being who is NOT the beings God created. The will and purpose of God is unknowable as much as we can expect a pet mouse to understand how I make money to pay for the utilities of the house it lives in. We are completely out of the loop in that regards so trying to define God is a stupid activity and a waste of time. Discovering the finer details of physics on the other hand can make life so much better for so many people that it is Godly to embrace science.