March 8th, 2012

Ann Vole

gopher psych web 2.0

On the Wednesday (March 7) "Introduction to Creative Technologies" class, discussion of soundscapes had the following idea form in my mind. I want to discover the existing languages of any animals who may have developed such a language in the wild. The process of such discovery for two rodent species has been to send intruders into the colony and analyze the calls with the computer. This only discovers the obvious meanings and does not reveal any interactions between fellow colony members. My idea was to have the audio being recorded with a matrix of microphones so exact locations of those individuals is mapped in time and space. Voice recognition software should be able to identify the specific individuals making the calls too. The unique elements of these calls will be identified with software and given temporary names on a wiki-style open database. People can map their own meanings on these unique aspects of the calls and see how well they match the circumstances (such as type of intruder and type of actions of the intruder). The most likely correct answer will show up by comparing how many people thought it meant a particular meaning.

Another idea that came out of the "sound walking" exercise was that the footsteps of people over various types of snow and ice and path surfaces sounded like various food types being eaten. A film could be made exploring those sounds and foods and their similarities.