February 28th, 2012

Ann Vole

"Living Building Challenge" certification

There is a new certification process for "green" buildings. LEEDS has options that give you points and if you get enough points, you get certified. This new certification instead has minimums that HAVE to be met to achieve certification. There are quite a number of catagories addressed in this certification too including material sources and transportation distances. These material sources must not only be non-toxic and not toxic to make but must also be socially acceptable such as peoples cannot be exploited unfairly anywhere along the process. Net-zero energy, net-zero water use, handicap accessable, and many other requirements make this a very high standard to achieve. Getting a building to be certified promises to get green points for getting contracts on any future project with money behind it for "greenwashing" a company. The surprising thing to me is I have already planned to exceed most of those requirements and write books/media on how to do so with any project. If something like this catches on, I may be able to get grants to spend the time and money to make such a book or media.